About us 

On a collective level, inner connectivity is a Human Sustainability organization that focuses on the following Truth: Along with Environmental, Social, and Economic Sustainability efforts, our Human Capital model must also be updated if we are to build a truly Sustainable world.



On an individual level, inner connectivity is a Transformational Coaching platform that sees awakenings not as an end-goal, but as  stepping stones. Awakenings are the path to your truest, highest Self. Through a timeless, repeatedly-proven process, we work together with you to guide your Self-Reflection. It’s not a matter of ‘if’ you experience awakenings, it’s a matter of ‘how’ each one comes about for you.


Our Philosophy

How do we arrive at a more authentic, conscious, human-sustainable world? 


One. Human. At. A. Time. 

If every human (read: 8,000,000,000 people, every one of them) in our world took certain steps to become more conscious as an individual, our world would transform overnight.


An Authentic World is built via Authentic People.

Where to begin? How does one become more authentic?


The first, and most important step is: Wanting To.


If every person who wants to change is empowered with the tools to real-ize that change for themselves, our world would gain a foothold toward becoming that more conscious planet. 


inner connectivity is here to provide those tools.


Every individual counts.

You matter.

Your choices can and do change our world.

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